Ways to Give

The primary way that we  financially support the ministries of our congregation or denomination is through the weekly offering. We are probably all familiar with how that works…during the regular worship services, our offering envelopes are placed in the offering plates and then dedicated to God’s purposes.  If you use church envelopes, you can, of course, choose where your money is to be used – such as the congregation’s current expenses, Reserve Fund, missions, child sponsorship, and other designated funds or projects. Through that same offering envelope, you may also support national church programs such as Presbyterian World Service & Development or Presbyterians Sharing.  Throughout the year, there are also opportunities to contribute to special appeals — such as disaster relief.

Iin the world we live in today, however, we realize that attending church each and every Sunday isn’t always possible for some of us. In order to maintain your regular giving, may we suggest that you consider leaving post-dated cheques with the church office or enrolling in the PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) program. That way, for those weeks when you can’t be here in person, you will still maintain your regular level of giving.

Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

Automatic bank withdrawals help our congregation to maintain a regular, dependable flow of contributions, and provide those affiliated with our faith community with a convenient way of providing ongoing, faithful support for our congregation. Many people prefer this method of paying for any number of things already – such as mortgages, utility bills, insurance policies, club memberships, etc. This form of contribution allows people the opportunity of making regular payments even when they may not be able to be present to make their regular offering.


Also, consider Planned Giving

Many of us recognize our need to support the ongoing ministries that Christ calls our congregation to support; and, normally, we try to do that in our regular weekly/monthly givings to the church. Often, we want to give more – but other life priorities always seem to get in the way. But did you know that there are other ways you can still be faithful stewards of the resources God has placed at your disposal that won’t affect your bottom line at all?

Consider this, during your lifetime you may only be able to contribute so much. When you die, however, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the name of Christ that can do great things to help build up the Kingdom of God. This can be accomplished in a number of ways; for example, if you took out a life insurance policy listing Trinity as beneficiary you can give more in your death than you ever could in your life – and the cost of the premiums are deductible for tax purposes during your life. You can also list Trinity as one of the beneficiaries in your will, or leave a bequest to Trinity in it. If you did that, even if you tithed (10%) your estate, there would still be lots left to leave to your loved ones. But once again, this would allow you the opportunity of being able to do something amazing to help build up God’s Kingdom.

These things mentioned are just a few of the possibilities you may want to consider. There are other possibilities as well (such as donations of property, stocks, annuities, et… ), but the thing is that for any of these ideas to become reality, you have to be intentional about it. (For example: Regarding wills, your good intentions only remain good intentions until they’re written down and included in your will document.)

Friends, the work of God on this earth is supported by the faithful people of God. Please consider how you can engage in that support…both in this life – and the next. If you want to learn more about Planned Giving, please click on this link which will take you to our denomination’s website: Planned Giving