As we are currently without our own full-time minister, recent sermons from our visiting worship leaders have not been recorded.

Below are recent sermons preached here at Trinity by Dr. Wilson. Simply click on one of the links below and then wait for a few moments. After the sermon downloads, it should automatically start.

2015-06-28 ADIAPHORA (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Deuteronomy 30:11-20) This is Dr. Wilson’s final sermon at Trinity before retiring from the ministry. He leaves us with a final teaching and encouragement for the future.

2015-06-21 Honouring and Honorable (1 Kings 21:1-22, Ephesians 6:1-4) On this Fathers’ Day, we celebrate and honour our dads; but as dads, we need to be worthy of the honours coming our way. How can we do that? Let’s find out.

2015-06-14 John the Teacher? (Luke 3:1-20) Many of us have the impression that John the Baptist was simply a fire and brimstone precursor to Jesus. But John was actually a teacher as well. Let’s hear about this teaching…and then be able to apply it to the living of our days. This morning, Doug Farraway from Neighbour to Neighbour gives us a good example of how we can apply it right here in Hamilton through our help with this important ministry.

2015-06-07 Our Brothers and Sisters (Mark 3:20-35) In his ministry, Jesus turned a lot of things upside down – including the family values of his day. He then introduced a new way of looking at family – God’s family.

2015-05-31 God’s Original Masterpiece (Ephesians 2:1-10) On this Trinity Sunday, we began with a brief explanation of the Doctrine of the Trinity. Then we turned our focus to verse 10 of today’s reading. In the New Living Translation, it reads we are “God’s masterpiece”. But what does that mean? And do we really see ourselves as such?

2015-05-24 Following – The Epilogue (1 Peter 4:1-11 and John 14:15-21) This is the final sermon in this series where we wrap up talking about walking one of the most difficult paths that Christ call us to walk – the path of forgiveness.

2015-05-17 Following 201 (Matthew  18:21-35) Today we continue the second of this three-part series (began a couple of weeks ago) on forgiveness by talking about the necessity of forgiving others.

2015-05-10 Honouring Our Moms (Exodus 20:12, Ephesians 6:1-3) On this Mothers’ Day, as we celebrate and remember our moms, we consider what it means to follow the Biblical instruction to honour our moms.

2015-05-03 Wives, submit to your husbands…! (Ephesians 5:22-33) When scripture is used properly, it can be life-giving and life-affirming. When it’s not used properly, it can become a tool of hurt and destruction. Recognizing this, how should this particular text be used properly? Let’s see. This message leads into a brief presentation by Tammy Villeneuve from Interval House of Hamilton where she illustrates ways that we can be the hands and feet of Christ to aid those women in our community in peril at the hands of those who are supposed to love and care for them.

2015-04-26 Reciprocare in Mission. On this Mission Awareness Sunday, Trinity’s the Outreach Team led the service using liturgy provided by the WMS. Due to copyright considerations, the sermon was not recorded.

2015-04-19 Following 101 (John 21) Following Jesus can take us down many paths in life. One of the most difficult for most of us is being able to forgive – both ourselves and others. Today we’ll begin this three-part series by talking about forgiving ourselves.

2015-04-12 Looking for Revival (John 20:19-31) Have you ever wondered what it will take to have a real and lasting revival in the church? Let’s consider this possibility.

2015-04-05 He is Risen! (John 20:1-18) The simple message of Easter is the Christ is Risen! And because he lives, so shall we.

2015-03-29 The Turning Point (John 12:1-19) Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem is one of the old favourite stories of the church. But what is it reall all about and what does it mean for us today?

y2015-03-22 Who Comes First? (John 3:22-36) Where does God and Jesus fit into our lives. Let’s see what John has to say in this regard.

2015-03-15 John 3:16 (John 3:1-21, Numbers 21:4-9) It’s been said that John 3:16 is probably the favourite passage of the majority off Christians, but that it’s also one of the least understood. Why is that? What does it really mean? Let’s explore this.

2015-03-08 Getting it Right (Exodus 20:1-17, John 2:12-25) Today we hear about Jesus clearing the Temple, but John has a different agenda than the other Gospels in telling us about these events. Let’s find out what that agenda is…

2015-03-01 Miracle Sunday (Deuteronomy 30:11-20, Mark 10:13-16) Today we celebrated Miracle Sunday in support of City Kidz. The Rev. Todd Bender (Founder and Executive Director of City Kidz) was our guest speaker for the day.